About Us
The New London Homeless Coalition Ministries Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization founded by The Park Bench Apostle’s Community, a group of dedicated members who seeks to be a   community of disciples true to the teachings and example of Jesus.

                         The Park Bench Apostle’s Community

Founders, of the New London Grassroots Homeless Coalition Ministries, Inc. of New London Connecticut; an organization where grassroots people can address the issues of homelessness with the confidence that their voice is being heard and is of vital importance to this community. Our community is a place where people who were formerly homeless  find somewhere safe and welcoming to live; a place where they can rediscover their dignity and self-pride through being part of a working community geared towards becoming self-sufficient through social enterprise.


Our Community

The plan is to eventually create several homes for people (known as Companions and Disciples) who would otherwise be homeless, disadvantaged due to disability, or marginalization.  Becoming a companion in an Apostle Community is not an easy option.  On joining the Community, Disciples/companions commit themselves to volunteering for 40 hours per week in their community. 


Our Community Shop

Our shop is in the process of being developed. We where dislocated due to a problem of zoning with the city of New London, CT. We are a religious organization and as such would not bow to this city’s current regulation.  We will re-open our shop in conformity with city zoning.  Here we well sell recycled household goods including furniture, bric-a-brac, records, CDs, videos and books, electrical goods and bicycles.

We are in the process of developing economic opportunities in the vending trade our most recent project, starting with a small vending cart and training individuals in self-employment.


An Opportunity to Volunteer

We welcome people who volunteer their time to support the Community.  We recognise the important role volunteers can play and we offer a wide range of opportunities.  We are keen to recruit people who can give a few hours a week of their time to  work alongside both the staff and Companions.  We would like to speak to people who could fill some of the roles in the following areas:


Logistics & Economic development

We need people to help us develop and create real small business opportunities in sales of renovated furniture and other household items around New London County.  Also in landscaping, painting, and temporary employment opportunities. P

If you are interested in any of these positions or would like to offer your time doing something not listed above then please visit our volunteer's page or contact Big Bob 860-908-8309 
















Our missions:



















Theological Art


Radical Jesus












The mission of the New London Grassroots Homeless Coalition is to respond to the self determined needs of individuals and the community of homeless and marginalized people whom we serve, with respect to job training and jobs, housing, family stability, child development and child care, education and artistic expression, religious and social needs.

To accomplish this mission we engage in the following programs:

a. Outreach to the homeless and marginalized

b. Education of the wider population with regards to homeless and marginalized people

c. Finding jobs

d. Training for work

e. Transportation to needed services

f. Development of entrepreneurial business ventures for marginalized and homeless


g. Advocacy in courts, governmental agencies, and private social service agencies.

h. Development of shelter and day-care services.

I.  Development of supportive housing and services

j.  Finding housing and shelter

k. Production of books, pamphlets, newspaper articles, videos, films, radio programs   

    about the people we serve and the work we do.

l.  Finding community service work for people as alternatives to incarceration.

m. Voter registration

n. Collaboration with other groups with compatible aims

o. Other areas as needed


Family Dedication