Dear Richard and People of St.John St Andrew,

Bobby Dellelo and I had a beautiful, upbeat time at the Ecumenical Advocacy Days in Alexandria VA last weekend.  We had intense conversations with dozens of the 700 Christian activists there -- bright young teenagers, tough hard-working sisters who serve people in Africa, South America and across the USA, grizzled old ministers, some who knew the horror of prisons, most who did not.

The best part was that in a series of conversations with Rich Killmer, the Executive Director of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, he agreed to ask his board to seek funding to educate America about torture in USA prisons.  NRCAT is partly responsible for President Obama prohibiting torture -- overseas.  Bobby and I showed him American torture in the links below -- and although he has worked with torture for many years -- he was deeply moved.  He had not seen anything like what we showed him.

Please accept my thanks for your prayer and blessing to me as I knelt among you the Sunday before I drove south.  I don't really know what good such a blessing is.  How does one understand the bread and wine at the Altar, the value of prayer, something so invisible unmeasurable unspeakable?  But I can say that I was UP for the weekend.  Being with Bobby Dellelo (who says he is not a believer) was a blessing.  He sees life as it really is.  And he tells it like it is.  Now 67 years old, he spent 2/3 of his life in reform schools and prisons, escaping three times.  Although he could and did fight to protect himself in prison -- he also learned non-violent resistance there.  Talking with him 8 hours down from Boston to Virginia, all weekend, and 8 hours back was a gift to me I will sure remember.  I hope to welcome him to Maine so you can meet him.  His picture is in the attachment.

Thanks you all again, dear friends in Jesus, for you love and blessing.


PS  Here are the links to torture --

Torture in Texas and Florida prisons is on the web at:

At the next link you will see a prisoner screaming while a Maine Swat Team cuts off his clothes, drags him naked down the hall, straps him in in a chair, and Maces him in the face:   Videos #2 and #3 are on the same site.



























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