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God made no mistakes. He created man to care for his creations. To love one another as one would love themselves. Anything less is anti-God… Our job is not to judge others but to be tolerant and allow the Spirit of our Creator to work through us for the good of all man kind…  I believe we are to defend the weak... Heal the sick...Care for the young and the aged. And to suppress all evil that harms the Creator’s creations…   Fr. Russ             


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Six years and still going.
Important issues for New London
Moreover, for our region.

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   Three Thousand Years and Life

To my dear Brothers and Sisters that are still suffering may you find the answer, as I have. (For me to live is Christ.) While one of you is chained we are not free. While one of you is suffering so do we. Understand that "God will not deny his mercy to anyone.Heaven and earth may change, but God's mercy will never be exhausted..." To those who stood tall,went to the wall, suffered and died so that we could show society that we have dignity can change, desire to be given hope you are always remembered...















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American Friends Service Committee volunteer, Robert Dellelo


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Robert Dellelo talk about a program Books Behind Bars



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Nowhere to Go. Story of New London Grassroots Homeless Coalition.

Trashed -Story about Eminent Domain in New London

The Line    Movie about poverty and life



Last Show Of the Season 01.03.2013

 Discuss different local and national issues



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Tony Campolo: It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming     This message is Tony's trademark.



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Torture: Americas    Brutal Prisons ,     BBC Investigation



At the next link you will see a prisoner screaming while a Maine Swat Team cuts off his clothes, drags him naked down the hall, straps him in in a chair, and Maces him in the face: http://www.bostonphoenix.com/boston/news_
National Religious Campaign Against Torture


Black on Beck







Fr.Russ and Robert Dellelo discuss torture issues and show shocking video about death of mentally ill prisoner.


Gang Rule:  MS-13




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The provocative US intellectual discusses issues of race, civil liberties and Barack Obama's leadership.


Houston Police Exposed








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We Believe in Fighting

100th Anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire


          Killer Mike - Burn

16 Corporations or We the People

Special comment: The four great hypocrisies of the debt deal



























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